The Brinsmead Painting

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Brinsmead Piano PaintingThe Brinsmead Piano Painting
Oil on canvas, 2012, 3ft x 3ft by Stephen Farthing RA

Sitting somewhere between the figurative and the abstract, the Brinsmead Piano Painting will proudly adorn the entranceway of The Brinsmead. It is one of a series of oil paintings by Stephen Farthing RA. Produced in 2012, each painting uses the repeated pattern of a piano keyboard as its foundation, and then develops a more lyrical overlay.

The words were inspired by reading a short history of the Brinsmead family’s activities as piano makers. One of Farthing’s sketches from the series displayed in the show apartments was presented to the Queen on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee Celebration as part of the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition.It was these sketches that served as inspiration for The Brinsmead Piano Painting.

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